What Makes Complete Rinse Better Than Alternatives?

By Stephen Chandler, MD |27 August 2021|

At this point I think we’re all pretty familiar with the uses and benefits of sinus rinsing, but one question keeps coming up: Why is Complete Rinse better? Below I will explain why this is the superior rinsing method and what it can do for you. 

Complete Rinse is a product that is free from marketing gimmicks; it is not motorized, it is not inspired by some ancient medical practice – it simply works. I invented this product because I saw a deep flaw in traditional nasal rinsing. Due to this flaw my patients could not comply with postoperative procedures and could not recover from sinus surgery. Their complaints were justified, traditional methods will cause choking, gagging and burning—even nausea—as a result of saline solution running from the nasal passages down the back of the throat. 

Contrary to common knowledge, the practice of Jala Neti with a neti pot does NOT irrigate your sinuses. Jala neti only works to rinse the floor of your nose, it is not possible to flush your sinuses without pushing water through them. Other devices try to solve this problem by using a motor; though this works, it can easily create too much vacuum pressure and damage the sensitive lining of your passages. Still others attempt to use a squeeze bottle, but this leaves your pallet open which allows for gagging and choking to occur. 

So then, what is the solution? Complete Rinse is powered by YOUR BREATH. You blow and the rinse comes out. Why is this significant? Simple physiology. The process of choanal occlusion, which creates a barrier between the nasal passages and the back of the throat, is triggered automatically when blowing. Additionally, since the Complete Rinse system limits the entry of saline solution into the throat, it provides highly effective delivery of saline irrigant throughout the nose and sinus cavities. Complete Rinse is designed to work with the user in an upright position, further enhancing comfort (whereas many other nasal rinse systems require the user to tilt the head at an uncomfortable angle).

In addition, Complete Rinse uses a medicated capsule system that makes refills even easier. Our Buff’r caps come prefilled with Mucosol to dissolve any build up. Not only that, but Complete Rinse has the versatility to use other medications as needed too. Whatever your doctor requires is possible with a Complete Rinse system. You can even use it with essential oils if you want to relax, or with chilled water to cool your core after a workout. Ask your physician about Complete Rinse today! 

Dr. Stephen Chandler is a practicing Otolaryngologist in Montgomery, Alabama and Clinical Director of Sandler Scientific, LLC, manufacturer of CompleteRinse®. To schedule a visit with Dr. Chandler call 334-834-7221 Learn more at https://www.jacksonclinicent.org/. Complete Rinse is available on Amazon and at www.completerinse.com.