All Natural, Non-Irritating, Mucus Dissolving Relief

CompleteRinse-Sinus Rinse System

Complete Rinse was designed by physicians and medical engineers to specifically address and resolve the many patient concerns about sinus rinsing. A revolutionary improvement over former rinsing methods. Retail $36.99 Also available on Amazon


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Buff’R Caps Saline 30-Day Replacement

Located precisely at the intersection where science meets magic*, Buff’R Caps Dispenser with Muco-Sol: Advanced Mucus relief combines the benefits of saline rinsing with all-natural, non-irritating  mucus dissolving relief. Retail $15.99

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I constantly fight allergies and sinus infections and due to Buddy’s speaking schedule we are constantly looking for ways to keep our allergies at bay. After using (CR) Complete Rinse I can tell such a difference! Thank you Dr. Steve Chandler for taking care of my family and me for years through sinus infections, allergies and surgeries. CR is another example of your continual care for your patients. Y’all need to try CR, it really works!

S. Bell

I have been using Complete Rinse for a couple of months now & can not say enough great things about it. As a lifelong allergy sufferer, this product has been a game changer for me. I have been able to cut my use of allergy medicine by 75%. I would definitely recommend this product to others!!

B. Willis

Oh my goodness!!!! I am loving the nasal rinse!!!! Thank you soooo much! It is so helpful and so easy to use!

S. Babington

The revolutionary Buff'R Caps Dispenser System contains a 1-month supply of Muco-Sol buffer agent and dispenses just the right amount of buffer agent directly into your Complete Rinse bottle.