The History of Nasal Rinsing and Recent Improvements

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By Stephen Chandler, MD |25 March 2021|

Nasal Irrigation Early History

The practice of nasal cleansing, or neti in sanskrit, is an essential part of Hatha Yoga and Hindu history. The origins can be traced back almost 5,000 years to the Hindu practices of shatkarma (body cleansing) and soucha (personal hygiene). There were multiple types of cleansing at the time, one used a string and was called sutra neti, the other more popular method used water –  called jala neti. Today most yogis prefer jala neti, and for good reason. The Hatha Yoga Pradipika, a 15th century manual on yoga, summarizes the importance of neti as a preparation for reaching a state of clairvoyance in meditation. An even earlier source called the Vedas, a group of religious texts from 1500 BC, detailed neti as a necessary religious practice for daily life. Fast forward a few thousand years and the practice of neti continues with the first mass produced device in the 1970s. But has nasal rinsing been improved?

Recent Improvements In Nasal Irrigation

Even with the mass production of the neti pot in the 70s we’ve had 5,000 years of inferior rinsing that caused gagging, choking and, for some,  intense discomfort. A foundational feature of yoga is your breath (pranayama), and Complete Rinse gives you the ability to use your breath for a more reliable jala neti. This is a massive advancement from where we were just 50 years ago! Now, in just the last 10 years, Complete Rinse has an updated product with no learning curve, no gagging and no discomfort. 

The Takeaway

So what can we take away from the past and bring into the future of nasal rinsing? One, it is an essential part of traditional Yoga. Two, it was and still is a great tool for personal hygiene. Three, for hundreds of years it went unchanged, transfixed in time. Until now. The ancient tradition of neti is preserved and significantly improved upon; the Complete Rinse system recaptures the essence of jala neti, reclaiming your breath the power it deserves. 
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