A better way to rinse nasal passages.
Natural relief & freedom from nasal issues.

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Rinse Better.
Breathe Better. ®

Complete Rinse does more than offer a better way to rinse nasal passages, it offers:

  • Better patient outcomes before & after surgery.
  • Better patient compliance for long term relief.
  • Better patient experience for every day use.
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Use Complete Rinse Daily for long term relief.

Designed by Physicians with You in Mind.

Simply put Complete Rinse improves lives. Our natural rinsing system is designed for nasal rinsing comfort and promotes patient compliance. Used daily, Complete Rinse can help with long term relief from nasal sinus issues.

How Does It WOrk?

Complete Rinse is a NEW and innovative approach to Nasal and Sinus Rinsing. We offer an easier, more comfortable way to rinse your sinuses naturally, so you can breathe free and easy. Complete Rinse is non-electric, no batteries required.

The solution to pollution is dilution. When you blow in, rinse comes out.

The Complete Rinse Difference

Designed by ENT Physician, Steve Chandler

Complete Rinse uses the process of choanal occlusion, which creates a barrier between the nasal passages and the back of the throat, unlike traditional nasal irrigation.
Complete Rinse does more than offer a better way to rinse nasal passages.

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I constantly fight allergies and sinus infections and due to Buddy’s speaking schedule we are constantly looking for ways to keep our allergies at bay. After using (CR) Complete Rinse I can tell such a difference! Thank you Dr. Steve Chandler for taking care of my family and me for years through sinus infections, allergies and surgeries. CR is another example of your continual care for your patients. Y’all need to try CR, it really works!

S. Bell

I have been using Complete Rinse for a couple of months now & can not say enough great things about it. As a lifelong allergy sufferer, this product has been a game changer for me. I have been able to cut my use of allergy medicine by 75%. I would definitely recommend this product to others!!

B. Willis

Oh my goodness!!!! I am loving the nasal rinse!!!! Thank you soooo much! It is so helpful and so easy to use!

S. Babington

I love this! With a neti pot it always felt like I was pouring water directly into my ear. Even with the other sinus rinse bottles I ended up with fluid in my ears. I even had one with a curved pipe so I could use it upright—still fluid in my ears. Not a problem anymore! By blowing into this one it prevents the fluid from going into the ears. And the variety of sizes on the nose piece gives a better fit. Now I love to do a sinus rinse every day like my allergist recommends.

R. Robinson

Found this item to be very effective and easy to use! Really easy for first timers at practicing sinus irrigation like me.

H. Elvin Jr.

Took me by surprise how easy it was

C. Bugarin