How To Use


With the Complete Rinse in the upright position, remove the top lid with the mouth piece by turning the mouth piece tube counter-clockwise so that it aligns with the arrow on the bottom lid.


Gently shake the Buff’R Caps Dispenser and place it on the filling chamber. When the 3 tabs are correctly aligned, it will sit flat on the filling chamber.


Activate the buffer delivery by twisting the top of the dispenser 90°, the dispenser will return on its own.

IMPORTANT: A full bottle of water
(10 oz.) REQUIRES 2 dispenser activations.


Fill the CR Bottle with distilled or filtered water to the 10oz mark (full bottle). boiled water can be used if it is cooled to 85° F or less.


Reattach the top lid by aligning the mouth piece tube with the arrow on the bottom lid. Rotate the mouth piece tube until it aligns with the nosepiece tube.


Place the nosepiece in a nostril with the mouth piece in a comfortable position. Gently Blow until half of the liquid is used. No need to squeeze the bottle, your breath starts the natural flow of rinse into the nose.  STOP Place the nosepiece in the other nostril and continue blowing until empty.


Relief for better breathing. Designed by physicians for better patient comfort and sinus health.