What Makes Nasal Rinsing Uncomfortable And How to Prevent It

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By Stephen Chandler, MD |08 March 2021|

The regular practice of nasal irrigation is a great way to control allergy symptoms and decrease the healing time for sinus surgery. Headaches, sneezing, and swollen passageways can all be improved with nasal rinsing; not to mention the potential for reducing the load of sinonasal pathogens. But unfortunately, there are times when nasal rinsing might feel uncomfortable. Below are some of the sensations you may experience, and how to avoid them. 

Burning or Stinging 

A burning or stinging sensation in the nose usually occurs when the nasal membranes become irritated. If you’re experiencing this while rinsing it’s possible that your solution is incorrectly mixed. Too much distilled water in your solution can cause burning because the saline might have an incompatible pH level than your nose requires. On the other hand, too much salt can cause irritation as well. Make sure that your solution has the correct ratio, use our Buff’R Caps Dispenser to get the solution right each and every time.

Pressure on Ears

A natural side effect of nasal rinsing is a feeling of mild pressure in your ears or sinuses. This pressure can sometimes cause your ears to pop, similar to diving deep underwater or gaining altitude quickly. Fortunately, though this may feel uncomfortable, it is entirely normal. As you blow into the Complete Rinse device your breath propels the saline solution through your nose and sinuses. The pressure sensation is created as the flow of  saline displaces the air in the Eustachian tube. You can avoid this simply by adjusting your breath pressure. Luckily, Complete Rinse gives you the ability to rinse at your own pace. 

Choking and/or Gagging

Most sinus rinse systems indiscriminately direct saline into the nose; they provide no natural protection for the throat and airway apart from a steep learning curve, application of nasal vacuum or unusual, unnatural head position requirements. Complete Rinse was designed to keep the saline rinse in your nose and prevent it from getting into your throat. Blowing into the Complete Rinse mouthpiece propels the irrigation through your nose and activates a natural Nasal Lock that keeps it from entering your throat. Finally, the Buff’R Caps Dispenser goes along with the Complete Rinse system to get the rinse solution right each and every time.

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