Take Complete Rinse Sinus Rinse Anywhere

Neti pot sinus rinse

By Stephen Chandler, MD |26 FEB 2021|

Nasal Rinsing is a holistic treatment that has proven to have a synergistic effect with medication in the management of sinonasal allergies. Not only that, but Complete Rinse is the most portable sinus rinse system on the market–I’m going to demonstrate three important areas in which rinsing on the go can benefit you.

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Road Trips

Ever just want to hop in the car, pick a direction, and go? I know that feeling. But don’t forget your Complete Rinse! If there’s one thing you don’t want while cruising down the freeway this spring, it’s an allergy attack. Bring along your favorite sinus rinsing device — all you need is the 90 day Buff’R Caps Dispenser and a supply of clean water. Maintaining a daily rinsing schedule every morning of your trip can help you enjoy allergy free days.


As the weather turns more favorable to camping, it also comes closer to allergy season. What better way to breathe the fresh air than to have a nose free of build-up and pollutants? CompleteRinse will fit in your backpack, I promise. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a car camping mastermind or a full blown backpacker, Nasal Rinsing can enhance your outdoor experience. Rinsing on your next trip could be the difference between the best and worst adventure ever. Rinse Better, Breathe Better.


What’s the most important thing you do 22,000 times a day? Breathe! And when is it most important? Yes, during high levels of activity. But what if you had a way to improve the flow of your nasal breathing by removing obstruction? After all, bigger breaths with less resistance mean longer rides, right? Using Complete Rinse before your morning ride can help remove allergens and reduce nasal lining swelling to give you more pep in your step. It’s a proven way to make breathing easier. 

Dr. Stephen Chandler is a practicing Otolaryngologist in Montgomery, Alabama and owner of Sandler Scientific, LLC makers of Complete Rinse®. To learn more visit www.completerinse.com To schedule a visit with Dr. Chandler call 334-834-7221 Learn more at https://www.jacksonclinicent.org/