Complete Rinse as a Treatment for Allergic Rhinitis

By Stephen Chandler, MD |21 NOV 2020|

What is Rhinitis?

Allergic rhinitis is inflammation (swelling and/or irritation) of the nasal and sinus lining caused by allergic reactivity. It is common in both children and adults. Allergic rhinitis can be intermittent (fewer than four days per week, or four weeks per year) or persistent (more than four days per week, or four weeks per year). The allergic reaction can be caused by many different things. Common allergens include: grass or tree pollen, mold, dust mites or animal dander (tiny flakes of skin). People with allergic rhinitis often experience symptoms of nasal obstruction, runny nose, post nasal drainage, nasal itching and sneezing. The severity of the symptoms corresponds to the impact on quality of life.

What is Sinus Lavage?

Nasal saline irrigation (also known as nasal douche, wash or lavage) is a procedure that rinses the nasal cavity with saline (salt water) solutions. Saline lavage works by thinning out nasal secretions, making it easier to remove and reducing contact time of some of the allergens in the nose that cause irritation. Recent Clinical Studies[1] report that saline irrigation may reduce patient‐reported disease severity compared with no saline irrigation at up to three months in both adults and children with allergic rhinitis. However, even while saline irrigation is thought to be safe, the use of some products have been associated with coughing, throat irritation and discomfort in the nose and ears which causes patient non-compliance.

How Complete Rinse Stands Apart.

The Complete Rinse System was developed by Sinus Surgeons in order to enhance patient compliance by reducing barriers to sinus lavage use. (chocking and gagging) Complete Rinse is available without a prescription and can be used alone or as an add‐on to other pharmacological treatments for allergic rhinitis.

Saline irrigation seems to provide an inexpensive, safe and effective alternative to intranasal steroids and antihistamines with studies underway to further substantiate this position.

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