What Are The Best Neti Pot Substitutes?

By Stephen Chandler, MD | 17 January 2022 |

If you’ve ever used a neti pot style of device then you know how uncomfortable and messy it can be. While they can help with treating a runny nose or minor allergies, neti pots are altogether unable to flush the sinus cavities fully. The reason for this is simple; because they rely on gravity driven, passive irrigation.

This operation can leave a lot of residual bacteria in the sinuses and could lead to re-infection or worsening allergy symptoms. To combat this flaw, there have been recent advances in Sinus Rinsing technology. Devices like electric powered sinus flushes and squeeze bottle rinses offer a potentially enhanced experience, but at the expense of patient comfort. Complete Rinse is our preferred solution.

Complete Rinse:

Complete Rinse® is a new and revolutionary approach to the centuries-old practice of nasal rinsing. While there are many nasal rinse systems on the market today, most have drawbacks that deter regular use, therefore limiting their effectiveness. Common problems associated with many of these systems include choking, gagging and burning—even nausea—as a result of saline solution running from the nasal passages down the back of the throat. For many people, this can be a barrier to entry for a needed treatment. 

Complete Rinse combats these negative side effects by triggering a natural physiological reaction. By blowing the rinse through your nose with your mouth, the passageway between your nasal cavity and throat (choana) are naturally closed off. This means that when you use Complete Rinse it is physiologically impossible to accidentally ingest the saline solution, gag, or choke. 

Powered Options:

The most recent development in sinus rinsing is the use of battery powered systems. These machines use vacuum to suck up the soft palate and seal off the nose from the throat. Unfortunately, negative pressure can have some undesirable effects and, if sustained, may become harmful to the ears and sinus cavity lining. There is scientific evidence that sinus squeeze is a consequence of barotrauma to the sinus lining. The vacuum created is like the ear fullness sensation experienced by SCUBA divers when the change of depth pressure pushes against the eardrum https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK500034/

Nasal Squeeze Bottles: 

Neti squeeze bottles are the most popular neti pot substitute on the market today, and one of the core reasons that I designed Complete Rinse in the first place. Squeeze bottles are essentially water bottles with a stem coming out of the bottom or top for your nose. Insert the stem and squeeze for rinse to come out. Unfortunately, these devices do not close the soft palate and thus, allow the saline solution to run down the back of your throat, causing gagging and discomfort. They can also suck the solution back into the device when you release pressure, which is counterproductive to the objective of cleansing the sinonasal lining.

Dr. Stephen Chandler is a practicing Otolaryngologist in Montgomery, Alabama and Clinical Director of Sandler Scientific, LLC, manufacturer of CompleteRinse®. To schedule a visit with Dr. Chandler call 334-834-7221 Learn more at https://www.jacksonclinicent.org/. Complete Rinse is available on Amazon and at www.completerinse.com.