You CAN Cleanse Your Nose With A Sinus Rinse When Pregnant (And How to Use It)

By Stephen Chandler, MD | 21 February 2022 |

Using a sinus rinse can greatly help with sinus blockage or allergy symptoms. But is it safe to use when pregnant? Some sinus rinse products are superior to others. Complete Rinse is not only safe to use during pregnancy, it provides a simple, easy to use method to cleanse your nose without causing the choking and gagging common to other devices.

Using Complete Rinse when pregnant poses no harm to the baby or yourself, and may be one of the safer options. It can greatly improve nasal congestion from sinus disease by effectively cleaning out the nasal passages. 

Keep reading to learn how to use Complete Rinse and how it can benefit you!

Complete Rinse Pregnancy Precautions

The recommended Complete Rinse usage while pregnant is to use it the same way you would when NOT pregnant. Muco-Sol is a mixture of salt, baking soda and Citrate; when combined with purified water, the irrigation poses essentially no risk to you or your child. In fact, many medical professionals contend that since you aren’t taking an allergy or sinus relief pill, sinus lavage may be the best option for managing nasal congestion during your pregnancy. 

How to use Complete Rinse

1- With the Complete Rinse in the upright position, remove the top lid with the mouthpiece by turning the mouth piece tube counter-clockwise so that it aligns with the arrow on the bottom lid.

2- Gently shake the Buff’R Caps Dispenser and place it on the filling chamber. When the 3 tabs are correctly aligned, it will sit flat on the filling chamber.

3- Activate the buffer delivery by twisting the top of the dispenser 90°, the dispenser will return on its own.

IMPORTANT: A full bottle of water (10 oz.) REQUIRES 2 dispenser activations.

4- Fill the CR Bottle with distilled or filtered water to the 10oz mark (full bottle). Boiled water can be used if it is cooled to 85° F or less.

5- Reattach the top lid by aligning the mouth piece tube with the arrow on the bottom lid. Rotate the mouth piece tube until it aligns with the nosepiece tube.

6- Place the nosepiece in a nostril with the mouthpiece in a comfortable position. Gently Blow until half of the liquid is used. No need to squeeze the bottle, your breath starts the natural flow of rinse into the nose.  STOP Place the nosepiece in the other nostril and continue blowing until empty.

It is not recommended that you use Complete Rinse without Muco-Sol, as it can cause nasal  burning or irritation. Muco-Sol solution is buffered and helps to dissolve nasal secretions. Yet another reason why Complete Rinse is the superior choice! Learn more about the Complete Rinse Sinus Rinse System here!