Why is My Nose Clogged When I Lay Down?

By Stephen Chandler, MD | January 2, 2022 |

A clogged nose can make sleeping almost impossible. You might feel like you are choking or that you can’t get into a deep sleep. For those who suffer from allergies or sinus conditions, this can be a common problem that can negatively impact their sleep on a daily basis. While there are medications that might treat this condition, you might want to know why your nose is clogged in the first place.

There are a few reasons that this issue could be happening to you and you will want to work with a doctor to find out if your symptoms are serious enough to require treatment. There are many reasons that you might have been experiencing a stuffed or clogged nose and you will want to look at solutions for this discomfort once you have a correct diagnosis.

Reasons That Your Nose Clogs When You Lay Down

1.       Blood Pressure Changes

Your blood pressure changes when you lay down and this can cause a change in the blood flow to your head and nasal passages. This can lead to inflammation in the vessels inside your nose and nasal passages and this can lead to a clogged nose. While this might not be a serious problem, you might have trouble sleeping or getting comfortable due to this. This can be remedied with medications prescribed by your doctor.

2.       Allergies

Exposure to allergens or other things that make your body produce histamines that can lead to a clogged nose. This can be impossible to remedy without changing your situation to avoid contact with the allergens that are causing the problem. You might also be able to treat this condition when it happens as a result of allergies with allergy medications.

3.       Sinus Conditions

Sinus infections or sinus problems that are caused by malformation in the sinuses can lead to a clogged nose. These conditions might require surgery or antibiotics to treat. You should make sure that you go to your doctor and seek help with these conditions. There is little chance that they will take care of themselves without medical care and they can grow more serious when they are not treated.

4.       Acid Reflux

Sometimes acid reflux conditions can cause issues that lead to nasal irritation. This is because the stomach acid that is being misplaced from the stomach is climbing into the throat and irritating the nasal passages. Acid reflux is easy to manage if you use the right medication protocol and this might alleviate all of your sinus problems with ease.

Taking Care of a Clogged Nose Can be Easy

Always make sure that you work with a medical professional to seek a diagnosis for the reasons behind your clogged nose. It is important that you be sure that you know why your nose is clogged so that you do not neglect a more serious medical condition that is causing the problem. Your doctor will be able to advise you about the best ways to care for your clogged nasal passages.