How to Make Saline Solution

By Stephen Chandler, MD | 2 March 2022 |

A saline sinus flush is a simple and holistic remedy for nasal congestion and sinus discomfort. When done properly, a saline wash can whisk away debris from your nose passages while also moistening the mucous membranes.

By washing out thick or hardened mucus, saline irrigation helps keep the nasal passageways open. They can also aid in the improvement of cilia, which help to empty the sinuses. This can help prevent infection from spreading to the other sinuses while also reducing post nasal drip.

How to Make a Saline Solution:

You can get saline nose drops from a drugstore or mix your own at home:

In a clean container, pour 250 mL of pure water. If you’re going to use tap water, boil it first to sanitize, then chill it down to room temperature.

To the water, add 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 g) salt and 1/2 teaspoon baking soda.

To get the most out of the saline wash, use it before you take any additional nasal medications. The wash will aid in the absorption of the medication by your sinuses. You can warm the saline solution for better comfort; however, make sure it’s not too hot. The first few times you use the DIY saline wash, you may have a burning sensation in your nostrils. 

A Better Alternative: 
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