Can I Use A Sinus Rinse With a Deviated Septum or Non-Allergic Rhinitis? (And Should I Make Sinus Rinse Saline Solution?)

By Stephen Chandler, MD | 21 February 2022 |

Using a Sinus Rinse has a lot of benefits. Sinus irrigation is usually performed with a buffered saline solution. Most sinus rinse systems supply a sachet of salt buffer; this is used to make saline irrigation by  adding it to purified water. Some people even make their own saline solution. 

Even if you have non-allergic rhinitis or a deviated septum, Nasal Irrigation is a great way to reduce your symptoms and make life a little easier for you. 

Keep reading to learn how the  Complete Rinse System with BUff’R Caps Dispenser can make your sinus rinsing easier than ever.

Can You Use a Saline Rinse With Hydrogen Peroxide?

There is some debate on whether or not to use a saline rinse with hydrogen peroxide added. While this chemical does have some anti-infective properties, using it with a sinus rinse can cause harm to the sensitive lining of your nasal passages.

Can You Use a Sinus Rinse With a Deviated Septum?

A deviated septum generally causes nasal congestion and preferential breathing through one side of the nose or the other. While using a Sinus Rinse cannot cure a deviated septum, it can help to improve the quality of your breathing by removing nasal debris and mucus.

Depending on septal deviation severity, you may not be able to use a sinus rinse. If excessive pressure is required to create irrigation flow, it’s probably a good idea to have your nose checked out by an Otolaryngologist. They have the specialized equipment and skill to diagnose and treat the problem. 

How to Treat Non-Allergic Rhinitis With Sinus Lavage?

Non-allergic rhinitis is when someone has chronic sneezing or a congested, drippy nose for reasons not linked to allergy. There are over-the-counter medications and nasal sprays available, but if you are tired of repeatedly buying medication that don’t address the underlying nasal lining irritant effect or just don’t want to be dependent on daily pills, a sinus lavage system might be the way to go. 

A Sinus Rinse can help to clean out your nose. If there is less mucus or irritant debris in your nasal cavity, then you’re likely to experience improvement of your non-allergic rhinitis symptoms. To get the best results, the Complete Rinse System uses Muco-Sol. This is a buffered saline that contains mucus thinning Citrate that helps to dissolve the deposits of nasal lining debris.

We recommend the Complete Rinse System which makes life a lot easier when it comes to using nasal saline rinse.